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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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SVC Tile and G

Our technicians that specialize in tile and grout cleaning have a rigid procedure that they follow with their tile and grout cleaning services.

Bacteria destroying heat is one of the methods used by our tile and grout cleaning technicians, to not only destroy the bacteria, but loosen the grime and debris that have penetrated beyond the surface. This, combined with high quality especially formulated tile and grout cleaner, leads to making the job a success.

However, the procedure for the tile and grout cleaning does not stop there. The area is then vacuumed with high power professional equipment to ensure that the debris do not find their way back into the tile and grout. Then, once insuring that the first part of the tile and grout cleaning services have been completed successfully, the work continues as our technicians will then apply a special sealant to retract dirt and grime, and protect against mildew and staining. In addition, we offer a two year guarantee to back up this professional tile and grout cleaning service.

As if that isn’t enough, our technicians will even go one step further in their tile and grout cleaning services. If you have colored grout, you can enjoy all the benefits of our Grout color sealing process that will help the grout retain its color.

After utilizing our tile and grout cleaning services, you can once again enjoy your ceramic and porcelain tiled areas. Incidentally, if your home or office contains granite, marble, slate, travertine or Saltville, our professionals are well trained in the cleaning of these components as well, as part of their tile and grout cleaning services.

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