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Competing in the new era of the global automotive industry means shifting into new manufacturing models that give your company maximum flexibility and market access, put a brake on escalating labor costs, yet yield high returns with shorter  supply chains. No need to wait for next year – it’s time to race to Tijuana.

With an auto and auto parts sector that increased in employment by 140% between 2003 and 2008, Tijuana provides today’s auto industry with a full-range of low-cost, next-to-market manufacturing and assembly options.  In fact, that’s why companies like Toyota, Hyundai, Pioneer, MotorCar Parts of America, Bose, Autoliv Safety Technologies, HST Automotive, and nearly 40 other automotive firms are already fueling their growth here.  Shouldn’t yours? 

Just a quick drive from Southern California, and only a few hours flight to automotive centers throughout North America, Tijuana’s near-shore location can give your company: 

  • Lower-cost, just-in-time production capabilities 
  • A highly skilled and bilingual workforce, working in Pacific Standard Time
  • 1-4 days shipping time to 90% of automotive assembly plants in the U.S. 
  • Proximity to hundreds of QS-9000 certified suppliers in the Baja California-Southern California region


Why It’s Time for Your Automotive Company to be in Tijuana
Whether its truck manufacturing and  stamped metal parts, to seat belts and sound speakers; from carbon fiber body kits, to trailer chassis and electronic sensors – Tijuana companies make them all to the exacting specifications needed by today’s auto industry. With wages that are 40-80% below the U.S., and a workforce  that understands QS-9000 quality needs, Tijuana can keep your automotive business accelerating.

  • Higher profits and quick access to North American consumers
  • Access to NAFTA and Mexico’s global network of Free Trade Agreements 
  • A pro-business government, and a low-unionization workforce 
  • Immediate proximity to San Diego’s industries and quality of life


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