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Combined Scrambling Controlling

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As the high speed development of TV technology, more and more people accepts CATV, and TV network combines with fiber and microwave communication, consequently, the next appearance is Broadband Integrated information network. According to the needs of TV station, they need the return fund to upgrade the system to form an excellent circle. How to solve the problem of paying for the program? The"Jiehao" brand user address acquisition CATV fee collection system can solve this problem. It combines the technology of computer, digital communication and TV and supply an excellent way that meets the demands of proper fee collection. The system can make network management standardization, data management modernization and fee collection management activation .Therefore, adoption of the system must improve the integral management level of CATV, and accelerate the development of CATV. The system uses dual directional control signal transmission, which will not be interfered by the transmission signal's output level, frequency, and content. Consequently, it satisfies not only the current fee collection requirement of CATV system but also the future broadband integrated information system's fee collection needs. As the development of technology, any analog or digital signal from network transmission also has the function of fee collection management. The system is suitable for both analog signals management as well as digital signal transmission, Therefore, it possesses the feature of Sustainable development. The system was first developed by JieXun in 1998 and has helped setting the trend of development of similar product in China.

  • Computer controlled full user data control and management
  • Operator authority is properly administered
  • Centralized controlling and easy upgrading
  • Controlling directly to the end user providing better user management
  • Capability of user network modification and user management, resetting network room for upgrading
  • Interference resistance dual Metal boxes design,good effect for shielding
  • Module block for easier maintenance and upgrade
  • Module block for easier maintenance and upgrade
  • Low voltage power switch suitable for wider range of power supply
  • Low voltage power switch suitable for wider range of power supply
  • Internal compensation amplifier requires little output level from the network

  • Combined Scrambling Controlling