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Item: JXMP2

MPEG2 JXMP-II(E)MPEG2 TS Card is a high quality product which operates Transport Stream. JXMP-II(E) TS Card has full interface functions, and it is a good hardware development platform of DVB equipments. JXMP-II(E) TS Card can send MPEG2 TS in PC to all kinds of digital video equipments at appointed data rate.

  • Send MPEG2, DVB and ATSC TS
  • Send TS for updating STB software
  • Display all of PSI/SI information of current sending TS
  • Display current bit rate and grouping length
  • Support many operations, such as “Play”, “Pause”, “Stop”, “Set circle” and so on
  • Support set play speed (can not be lower than original speed)
  • Support edit the sending file
  • Support function of playing files list. Open many files and put them into playing files list, the files will be played as the sequence in the list. The list can be edited
  • Support SD and HD digital TV signal
  • The highest output bit rate can be 214Mbps
  • ASI and SPI output interfaces
  • Resolution of data sending rate is less than 1bps
  • ASI port supports burst mode and string mode
  • Support sending 188, 244 byte packet, and 188->204, 204->188 conversion
  • Support inserting null packet automatically
  • Support PCR adjustment
  • Support output and input of exterior byte clock
  • Support multi-cards in one PC
  • Be compatible with 5V and 3.3V, standard general PCI short card
  • Support Windows 2000,2003,Windows XP,Vista,Linux OS
  • Provide API for second development
  • Match PCI 2.2 standard, 32 bit 66MHz GPIB (JXMP-II)
  • Match PCI Express 1.0a standard, ×1 interface, compatible with other interfaces (JXMP-IIE)
  • Support PCI interface and PCI-E interface

  • MPEG2 TS Card