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Formic Acid

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Item: Formic Acid

Formic Acid 85%/90%

  1. Pharmaceutical industry: Caffeine,Enzimes,Aminopyrine,Vitamin B1
  2. Pesticide industry: Triazolone,Disinfest
  3. Chemical industry: Methane amide, DMF,A geresister
  4. Leather industry: Tanning
  5. Textile industry: Natural Rubber
  6. Rubber industry: Coagulation
  7. Steel industry: Acid cleaning of steel production
  8. Paper industry: Pulp manufacturing
  9. Food industry: Disinfectant
  10. Poultry industry: Silage

Packing: 25 kg plastic drum plastic drum, 20MT/20FCl

  • Formic Acid