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Item: Mezzanine Floor

$0Space Rescue are specialists in the custom design, supply and installation of Mezzanine Floors and Raised Storage Platforms. A Raised Storage Platform is a relatively simple and effective means of increasing the floor space within the confines of your existing building. In essence, a Raised Storage Platform consists of a: $0$0$0‘Sub-Structure’ that is generally either assembled from structural steel components (columns and main beams) or pallet rack (end frames and rack beams$0$0Deck that is typically made using tongue & groove Board (or Grid Mesh). Floor Boards are placed over joists which are supported by the main beams within the sub-structure. The top of the finished floor of a single tiered floor is generally between 2.4m and 3.5m in height.$0$0$0By definition, a Mezzanine is “a low storey (or floor) between two others”. In a warehouse, the two other stories referred to here are the ground floor and the roof.  A Mezzanine Floor is also known as a Raised Storage Platform or Raised Storage Area. $0$0‘Structural’ Raised Storage Platform - A ‘structural steel’ sub-structure has the advantage of typically being able to offer greater clear spans under your floor. This creates considerable flexibility for the movement of product, machinery and storage equipment to suit your changing needs...$0

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