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Pallet Racking

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Item: Pallet Rack

$0When floor space is limited, Space Rescue often recommends taking advantage of the available ceiling space within your warehouse or factory. One product that Space Rescue offers to achieve this is Pallet Rack. We supply most major brands in NEW, COMPATIBLE and USED.$0$0Several popular types of Pallet Rack exist to cater for a variety of specific storage needs. Depending upon the nature of the business, there may be either one or a combination of pallet rack types used. Factors that need to be considered when selecting pallet rack are pallet type, pallet size, pallet weight, pallet accessibility and pallet commonality. Selective Pallet Rack is the simplest and cheapest form of pallet storage.  It is ideal when you require access to each individual pallet. In component form, Selective Pallet Rack simply consists of vertical frames (a frame is made up of two uprights with diagonal cross bracing) and horizontal beams.$0$0$0

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