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Boiler Steel Plates

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Item: Boiler Steel

1.  Products Application Domains:    Widely applied in Petrochemical Factories & Boilers. They are also made for Reactors, Heat Exchangers,  Separators, Spherical Tanks, Tank for Oil & Gas, Nuclear reactor pressure shells, High-pressure water pipes, Turbine shells, etc.
2.  Grade:
A203/203M GRADE A/B/D/E/F P355M SB410 20R A204GRA/B/C P355ML1 SB450 16MnR A285GRA/B/C P355ML2 SB480 15MnVR A299/A299M P420M SB450M 15MnVNR A302GRA/B/C/D P420ML1 SB480M 18MnMoNbR A387 2/12/22.22L/21.21L/5/9/91/911 P420ML2   13MnNiMoNbR A514GRF/Q P460M   16CrMoR A515GR60/65/70 P460ML1     A516GR55/60/65/70 P460ML2     A517/A517M P235GH     A533/A533M A265GH     A537CL1/CL2/CL3 P295GH     A542/A542M P355GH     A543/A543M 16Mo3     A553/A553M 18MnMo4-5     A562/A562M 20MnMoNi4-5     A612/A612M 15NiCuMoNb5-6-4     A645/A645M 13CrMoSi5-5     A662/A/B/C 10CrMo9-10     A724/A724M 12CrMo9-10     A734/A734M X2CrMo5     A735/A735M 13CrMoV9-10     A736/A736M 12CrMoV12-10     A737/A737M X10CrMoVNb9-1     A738/A738M P355N/NH/NL1/NL2     A782/A782M P460NH/NL1/NL2     A832/A832M       A841/A841M       A884/A884M    
3.  Standard:         ASTM/ASME EN10028 JISG3103-2003 GB6654-1996 
4.  Specifications(T*W*L):    8--650 mm* 1500-3900mm *  3000--18000 mm
5.  Payment item:    T/T,L/C
6.  Trading item:      FOB, CIF, CFR , CNF
According to the user’s requirement , we could provide the hot rolled ,normalizing , tempering , normalizing plus tempering , quenching and tempering and other delivery states.  
Materials quality: We are glad to inform you our products were used in Bird Nest,Three Gorges Dam and many other national projects.We also can provide you the relative MTC sample and third party certificates such as ISO series,TUV,CE,SGS,ABS and so on.   If you are interested in some items of our materials ,please let us know.  
Contact  person : Anna(Manager of overseas dept.)  
office email: Anna(at)hzzsteel(dot)com
MSN: anna860919(at)gmail(dot)com
Te; +86-0371—65652877

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