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Frozen Seaweed Salad

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Item: Seaweed Salad

The Frozen seaweed salad(HIYASHI-WAKAME) produced by our company, uses good quality Undaria which is grown in pollution-free water.
Add seasonings of soy sauce, sugar, salt, lemon yellow, bright blue, malic acid, sodium glutamate, sorbitol, vinegar, pepper, sesame seeds, etc.
This cold dish has a special taste. It is very popular in China, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, & Germany.

Consumption method:
Get it out of the freezer one to two hours before eating to let it melt naturally.
Don’t use hot water to melt it as the taste will be affected.

Storage method: Frozen -18 °
Guarantee period: 12 months under -18 °

100g x 24 packages,
1,000g x 2 packages (small paper boxes) - 4 paper boxes in a case
2 Kg in a plastic bag.

  • Frozen Seaweed Salad