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Vinegar Marinated Undaria Stem

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Item: Frozen Undaria

We adopt Undaria Stem growing in the pollution-free water of Shandong Peninsula as the raw material to make Vinegar Marinated Undaria Stem.

First, make the seasonings of maltose, sugar, sorbitol, malic acid mixed and into flavouring emulsion. Put the finished undaria stem into the flavouring emulsion for 24 hours. Then get the soup out. Package it according to the packaging requirements.

Consumption method:
Eat right after opening the package, better to eat cold.

Storage method:
Frozen below 5 degrees C

Guarantee period:
6 months

  • 15g package
  • 20g package
  • 100g package
  • 1,000g package

  • Vinegar Marinated Undaria Stem