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Dried Undaria Sporophyll

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Item: Dried Undaria

Dried Undaria Sporophyll Piece, high nutrition, containing sugar, protein, a variety of amino acids and various kinds of trace elements and vitamins which are benefit for human health, is a kind of healthy seafood. Undaria, easy to store, avoiding the unlight, can be store for one year under the room temperature. After soaking in the water, it becomes dark green. Undaria has a good taste.

After soaking in water, Undaria becomes dark green & has a good taste. Consumption method:
  • First, put Undaria in warm water for 5 minutes. It becomes 15 times larger.
  • Season according to different kinds of tastes.
  • Do not heat it for a long time as it will affect the taste.

Storage method:
Store and transport under room condition, in dark places and avoid sunlight

Guarantee period:
12 months


  •    60g x 70 packages
  •  75g x 60 packages
  • 100g x 50 packages
  • 200g x 25 packages
  • 500g x 20 packages
  • 1,000g x 10 packages
  •  Bulk: 8 Kg

  • Dried Undaria Sporophyll