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Item: Undaria

Undaria, high nutrition, containing sugar, protein, a variety of amino acids and various kinds of trace elements and vitamins which are benefit for human health, is a kind of healthy seafood. Undaria is easy to store. Avoid light & store for one year under the room temperature.

After soaking in water, Undaria becomes dark green & has a good taste. Consumption method:
  • First, put Undaria in warm water for 5 minutes. It becomes 15 times larger.
  • Season according to different kinds of tastes.
  • Do not heat it for a long time as it will affect the taste.

Storage method:
Store and transport under room condition, in dark places and avoid sunlight

Guarantee period:
12 months

  • 60g x 70 packages
  • 75g x 60 packages
  • 100g x 50 packages
  • 200g x 25 packages
  • 500g x 20 packages
  • 1,000g x 10 packages
  • Bulk: 8 Kg

  • Undaria