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Dried Spiral Seaweed

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Item: Spiral Seaweed

Dried Spiral Seaweed, containing rich nutrition much higher than the terrestrial plants, besides protein, vitamins, fiber, calcium, iodine, sodium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and minor elements, and so on, 20 other kinds of nutrition which only seafood have, algae algae prion acid polysaccharide, fucose steroids, EPA (unsaturated fatty acid), SOD (superoxide dismutase), etc., rich collagen protein. Seaweed collagen can promote differentiation of skin keratinocytes and improve skin condition.

Consumption method:
First, soak it in the water for three to five hours. Then wash it. (Don’t use hot water to soak.) Second, put it in the boiling water with ginger and add various kinds of seasoning. Third, high soaking efficiency: 4-6 times. Spiral Seaweed, fresh and crisp taste, high nutrition, can be easily be absorbed by people. The natural seaweed collagen is the excellent product for beauty.

Storage method:
Store and transport under room condition, dark places and avoid sunlight

Guarantee period:
12 months

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  • Dried Spiral Seaweed