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Item: stearamide

Product Specifications/Features :Product DescriptionSpecificationsMelting Point (0C) 95-105Acid value (mgkoh / g) ≤ 2No smell smellImpurities ф0.2-0.3 (mm) ≤ 3Content ≥ 99.8%Product FeatureAppearance white powder or granules, non-toxic,water-insoluble, difficult to dissolve in cold ethanol,dissolved in toluene, hot ethanol, chloroform, ether andother organic solvents, the relative density of around0.96, with a special surface lubrication, excellentexternal lubrication effect and Demoulding, transparencyand anti-static performance.Product Specification/ModelsStearic acid amide (Stearicamide)Export encoding CAS :124-26-5Implementation of standards: Q/320684FSS01-2008Primary Competitive Advantages :Well and High Quality Control Prompt Delivery Competitive Prices Quantity Per Month :100MTProduct Packing Way :25kg/bagApplication1, can be used as PE, PP, BOPP, EVA, LDPE, PVC and PVDC, such as lubricants and anti-reducer, plastic anti-static agent, plastic foam control agents; 2, the rubber can be used as a lubricant, release agent and dispersing agent to improve the processing of rubber to improve the pigment, filler dispersion, sulfonated light release agent and rolling rubber additives. 3, can be used as ultra-fine water-based emulsion dispersion, are widely used in thermal paper, etc. sensitization. 4, plastic pencil (refill) and the ink with the agent, the lubricants and coated paper with wax precision casting; 5, silane cross-linked polyethylene material and phenol-formaldehyde laminates (paper substrate) lubricant. 6, compound fertilizer and ammonium nitrate loose agents and anti-caking agent. 7, rigid PVC film calendering the surface of the internal and external lubricants and brightener. 8, can be used as a modifier for road asphalt, as well as the PA-6 modified materials such as carbon fiber lubricant dispersion

  • stearamide