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Three Phase Transformers

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Item: 3 Phase

NACEI Power supplies has a wide range of Transformers like Control Transformer, Isolation Transformer and Ultra Transformer (Single Phase, Two Phase and Three Phase) Among these, Isolation Transformers reduce the effects of Power Line problems like noise, spiles, suges, transients and neutral, to a minimum.

These transformers are especially suitable for C.N.C. Machines and also for various machines control. These transformers can also be developed into step up & step down. The voltage range is upto 550 Volt frequency 25H to 65HZ. These transformers are designed and developed according to the customer requirement (input & output voltage). For the last 15 years various reputed companies are continuously using the New Gold transformers for Fanuc, Semens, Fagor, Mitusbishi, Fidia and Hiden hien Control.

  • Three Phase Transformers