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Organophosphine Antiscale & Corrosion Inhibitor

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Item: 6419-19-8

Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Active acid: 48.0% ~ 52.0%
Chloride (as Cl-):  2.0% (or 1.0%) min
pH value (1% solution): 2.0 max
Fe (as Fe3+) (ppm): 20
Density (20℃)g/cm3: 1.33 min
Colour APHA (Hazen): 40 max

Usage: Used together with organophosphoric acid, polycarboxylic acid and salt, ATMP cab be used in different circulating cool water system as organic alkaline water treatment agent.

Package and Storage: Normally In 250kg net Plastic Drum, IBC drum can also be used as required. Storage for ten months in shady and dry place.

  • Organophosphine Antiscale & Corrosion Inhibitor