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Mesh Type Anods for Electroplating

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Item: Mesh Anodes

TiTaN 's platinized anodes are widely used for electroplating and electrowinning industrila applications. Platinum is a precious metal having very good physical and chemical properties such as:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Termal conductivity
  • Catalytic nature

As it is very expensive, platinum cannot be used in its solid form as an anode. So that Platinised Metal Anodes ( Pt Anode ) are produced by electroplating platinum ( Pt ) on a specially treated precious metal or activated ( Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum / Zirconium ) substrate by means of electrodeposition process. Thus electroplated metal anodes are economical as well as it retains the superior physical and chemical properties of platinum. According to the substrate material used, the platinized anodes are called as:

  • Platinized titanium anode
  • Platinized niobium anode
  • Platinised zirconium anodes
  • Platinised tantalum anodes

  • Mesh Type Anods for Electroplating