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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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Item: SS904

Heat exchanger (shell & tube, coil, plate, U tube bundle, double pipe, flot type exchangers) is used to control a system’s or substance’s temperature by adding or removing thermal energy. Although heat exchangers are in many different sizes, levels of sophistication, and types; all the heatexchangers use a thermally conducting element usually in the form of a tube or plate to separate two fluids, such that one can transfer thermal energy to the other.

Inside a heat exchanger (shell & tube, U tube bundle, plate, coil, double tube, stacked type heat exchangers), the fluid flow is either turbulent or laminar. Turbulent flow produces better heat transfer, because it mixes the fluid. Laminar-flow heat transfer relies entirely on the thermal conductivity of the fluid to transfer heat from inside a stream to a heatexchanger wall.

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger