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Rebar Shearing

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Item: Rebar

GJW shearing and bending line is first and unique ones in China. Combining European advantaged technical experiences and national situation. Control by CNC, with high speed, simple adaptation to existing site conditions and required material folow. Also suitable for processing of high quality cutting, shearing, store to the hot rolled Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ steel.

Main Function:

1.  GJW shearing and bending line is one comprehensive producing line of rebar cutting, opetimiz store and output.
2.  Comes with individual control system, can be integrated with other existing parts of the machine do the continuously working, with high autoimmunization.
3.  Has high cutting capacity and activity to meet user’s demand of output and product arrangement.

Structual Characteristic:

  • To fix on the gasket, the hydraulic shearing machine moving finished by pole and drive by servomotor, to ensure shearing size precision awfully.
  • The special design for the diagonal bald saves labor and low noise.
  • Aulaxury feeding wheel of slade nozzle is fixed on the shearing machine, drive by motor respectively, which not only slant, but also moving with shearing machine together. In feeding wire, the wheel locate on the level position automatically. When shearing wire, it will drop automatically to ensure wire feeding and cutting smoothly.
  • Has wheel covering skid proof and noise proof rubber.
  • In shearing, to avoid wire press too much for the convey, the last part of the front conveyer is controlled by air device: automatically dropping.
  • Shearing capaciry: has two models 200T & 300T.
  • Has the industrial computer with the display.
  • The mainly working parts drive by servomotor, transducer and air.
  • Wire length-measuring system is drive by servomotor, wire stated length is stepless with high precision.
  • Automatically feeding wire shapes.
  • The key driving, performance, air and electric parts are all adapt to imported famous brand with long life and high precision.

  • Rebar Shearing