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Fully & Semi Automatic Shearing

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Item: Shearing

Easy setting the cutting length of the rebar required, and accurately discharging of the cut-bar. Suitable for small batches and different size.
The back-stopper function will keep the exact cutting length of the rebar. For optional unit, additional installation required for the cutting-line or for the bending line is easy.  With discharging the cut-bar both sides available, if connected to the bending line, even crane-using time will also be reduced.

For more productivity, it is also possible to connect several auto-bending lines. Longer cutting blade brings out more productivity (cutting blade width:225mm)
Roller conveyor easy for rebar feeding. 4 sides of bade can be used for cutting Operation simple and safe. Closed interior gears, long life for machine. Oil-bathed lubrication results in smooth, silent, on-greasy operation. The crank still runs smoothly after long storage in winter.

  • Fully & Semi Automatic Shearing