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Stirrup Bender

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Item: Stirrup Bender

The Prime Series of Automatic Benders provide an eficient and economical way to produce various shapes of stirrups from coil.


●   Uncoilers for running single or double wires are motorized and have eficient braking units.Feeding speed is controlled via signal from the computer. A patented spring unit on each payoff helps to reduce the resistance and instability.
●  The patented straightening system consists of both horizontal and vertical rolls that can be automatically adjusted. Two sets of servo driven feed rolls eliminate torsion, ensuring perfect straightening accuracy.
●  The servo powered bending head is equipped with turning & retractable bending pins. The high speed cutter head ensures the tolerance of the stirrup.


●  The operator friendly CNC control and software permit programming up to 32 bends on a single part and provides memory for the storage of up to 500 different shapes.
●  Adjustments to the shape being made can be done on the fly while the machine is running.
●  A thorough self-diagnostics program reduces timem when trouble shouting a problem.


●  The high speed, CNC controlled, automatic stirrup bending system will measure, straighten, bend and cut accurately and eficiently when compared with traditional fabrication from pre-cut bars.
●  Material cost are reduced with the elimination of scrape and labor cost are dramatically lowered as one operator can produce more stirrups of greater quality than several operators and machines doing it manually

  • Stirrup Bender