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Centrifugal Self-Primong Pumps

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Item: 8000 SERIES

The 8000 Series are horizontal pumps designed for a wide range of uses from agricultural to industrial.

    -- Heads up to 130 feet @ 1750 RPM 
    -- Capacities to 1200 GPM 1 _” to 6” 
    -- Discharge Temperature up to 600ƒF 
    -- Clean Out Ports Standard for Fast Removal of Foreign Objects
    -- Heavy Duty Construction – Wear Plate Standard Back Pull-Out for Ease of Maintenance 
    -- Flapper Valve Standard 
    -- Available with External Impeller Adjustment
     -- Suction Lifts to 20 feet.
    -- Semi-Open Impellers 
    -- Priming and Air Separation Accomplished Within Casing. No External Valves, Air Separator or Priming Chamber Required. 
    -- 316 S.S. Shaft Sleeve and Mechanical Seal Standard 
    -- Available in Stainless Steel and Ductile Iron 
    -- Gasoline or Diesel Engine Driven Style, Base Mounted Style, and Close Coupled Style Available

    -- Filtration 
    -- Irrigation 
    -- Dewatering Transfer
    -- Industrial Sump Transfer
    -- Shallow Sump Washers
    -- Tank Car Unloading 
    -- Amusement Parks
     -- Agriculture

  • Centrifugal Self-Primong Pumps