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Sattelite Imagery

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Item: WorldView2

Date: October 8, 2009
Launch Vehicle: Delta 7920 (9 strap-ons)
Launch Site: Vandenberg Air Force Base

Altitude: 770 kilometers
Type: Sun synchronous, 10:30 am descending node
Period: 100 minutes

Feature 1: High resolution with 46 cm panchromatic at nadir; 52 cm out to 20° off-nadir
Benefit 1: Provides highly detailed imagery for precise map creation, change detection and in-depth image analysis (note that imagery must be re-sampled to 50-cm for non-US Government customers)

Feature 2: The most spectral diversity commercially available with 184 cm resolution at nadir; 4 standard colors: red, blue, green, near-IR; 4 additional colors: red edge, coastal, yellow, near-IR2
Benefit 2: Provides the ability to perform precise change detection and mapping at unprecedented resolutions in multispectral imagery, and opens door to creation of numerous new products

Feature 3: High geolocation accuracy - Ultra-stable platform, high-precision attitude sensors and GPS
Benefit 3: Allows the creation of accurate maps in remote areas, maximizing the utility of whatever resources are available. Geolocation Accuracy specification of 6.5m CE90, with predicted performance in the range of 4.6 to 10.7 meters (15 to 35 feet) CE90, excluding terrain and off-nadir effects & with registration to GCPs in image: 2.0 meters (6.6 feet) CE9 

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