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Modular Redundant Systems

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Extremely high overall reliability results from connecting two power sources so that one will continue to provide power to their load even if the other becomes inoperative. Redundancy may be restored by replacing or repairing the inoperative source while the system remains in operation. A redundant power system should be used whenever the highest attainable reliability is essential, as in communications, computer systems (data storage in particular), process controls, utility and municipal systems, and security/safety systems.

System Description: Each Modular Redundant DC Power System consists of three units: two identical power supplies connected to an Integration Module by 24” long cables. The Integration Module includes the diodes for isolating the power supply outputs, AC input switches, input fuses, LED ‘output present’ indicators, failure alarm circuits, and the umbilical cables which plug into the power supplies. Connections for the AC inputs, redundant DC output and failure alarm relays are on a screw terminal strip.


  • Modular Redundant Systems