Industries & Categories

Green Oriental ProductsTashkentUzbekistan
Exporting dried fruits and vegetables
  • Dryed ApricotDryed Apricot
  • Dried GrapesDried Grapes
  • Dried PlumDried Plum
  • Black Eye White BeansBlack Eye White Beans
Henan Tianzhiwo Machinery Co., LtdXinxiangChina (PRC)
Bridge slot screens, Wire wrapped well screens, Johnson screens, Water well screens, Perforated pipes & base pipes & related Filters elements.
  • johnson screenjohnson screen
Ningbo Dekang Biochem Co., Ltd.NingboChina (PRC)
Single traditional Chinese herbal granules, TCM raw material powders, Herbal extracts, Fungi extract, Herbal instant tea...
  • Paeoniflorin 10%--95%Paeoniflorin 10%--95%
Pacific Production CompanyHochiminhVietnam
Producer & exporter of dried natural products, including: Rice, pepper, Coffee, Cashew nuts, Coconut, Tapioca, Beans, corn, and more...
  • Round White RiceRound White Rice
  • Yellow cornYellow corn
  • Green beansGreen beans
  • CashewnutCashewnut
Xi'an Nature Choice Co., Ltd.Xi'anChina (PRC)
Medical Herbs, Botanical Herbs, Herb Extracts, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Kernels, Spices & Flavoring
  • Dried Maca RootsDried Maca Roots
  • Drosera PeltataDrosera Peltata
  • Chinese Red PepperChinese Red Pepper
  • Honeysuckle Flower TeaHoneysuckle Flower Tea
Lahore Agro Farm IndustriesLahorePakistan
Distributing Massey Ferguson Tractors and Implements and manufacturing agricultural implements and agricultural machinery
  • Bund MakerBund Maker
  • New Holland Ghazi TractorNew Holland Ghazi Tractor
  • John Deere 720 TractorJohn Deere 720 Tractor
  • Massey Ferguson TractorMassey Ferguson Tractor
Behira International Trade PointDamanhour Egypt
Represents all commercial and industrial activities in Behira, Egypt especially agricultural products.
  • PotatoesPotatoes
  • Pip nutsPip nuts
  • MangoMango
  • Peanuts Groundnuts ShelledPeanuts Groundnuts Shelled
Leela ExportsNagercoilIndia
Coconut, Fresh coconut all over the world
  • CoconutCoconut
VnricefactoryHochiminh Vietnam
Producing and direct exporting of Vietnamese White Rice, Jasmine Rice and Glutinous Rice.
  • Jasmine RiceJasmine Rice
  • White RiceWhite Rice
  • Glutinous RiceGlutinous Rice
Agripak InternationalKarachiPakistan
Agricultural Tractors and manufacturing Implements and Agricultural Equipment.
  • Tractir Fork Lift AttachmentsTractir Fork Lift Attachments
  • Massey Ferguson MF 290 TractorMassey Ferguson MF 290 Tractor
  • Tractor TroleyTractor Troley
  • Tractor LoadersTractor Loaders
Weishi Huifa Machinery PlantZhengzhouChina (PRC)
Irrigation systems, including agriculture customized irrigation machines
  • Farm Irrigation Sprayer EquipmentFarm Irrigation Sprayer Equipment
  • Farmland Center Pivot Irrigation SystemFarmland Center Pivot Irrigation System
  • Irrigation System Accessories Irrigation System Accessories
  • Greenhouse Drip TapeGreenhouse Drip Tape
China Longyoung Greenhouse Co.,LtdXiamenChina (PRC)
Greenhouses & related materials including PC Sheets, Gothic Multi-Span, Saw-Tooth, Economical Tunnels, Netting Houses, Etc.
  • Economical Tunnel GreenhouseEconomical Tunnel Greenhouse
  • Tunnel-Connected GreenhouseTunnel-Connected Greenhouse
  • Polycarbonate GreenhousePolycarbonate Greenhouse
  • Saw Tooth GreenhouseSaw Tooth Greenhouse
Ghosh Agri Tech Pvt LtdTrivandrumIndia
Exporting Fresh Chilled Fishes and Shrimps from India. We deal in range of Fresh Chilled fishes, Crabs, Squid, Cuttle Fish, Shrimps, etc.
  • Flower Prawn ShrimpFlower Prawn Shrimp
  • Rock lobster tailsRock lobster tails
  • Red snapperRed snapper
Eco City Hydroponics Pte LtdSingaporeSingapore
Plant nutrients, LED growth lights, growing media
  • Balanced liquid FertilizerBalanced liquid Fertilizer
  • Water convolvulus Kang KongWater convolvulus Kang Kong
vnnutfactoryho chi minhVietnam
  • Cashew nutsCashew nuts
  • Disiccated CoconutDisiccated Coconut
  • PeanutPeanut
  • Raw CoconutRaw Coconut
VnNutFactoryHo Chi MinhVietnam
Producer & exporter of dried natural food - Cashew nuts without shells - Desiccated coconut - Coconut fruits - Peanut kernel, etc.
  • CabbageCabbage
  • White RiceWhite Rice
Orimax Seafood International Co., Ltd.QingdaoChina (PRC)
Supplying fish & seafood from China. Our products include whitefish, red fish, salmon, flat fish, salted fish, squid, dried sea kelp, etc.
  • Light Salted, cod, saithe, atlantic cod, pacific cLight Salted, cod, saithe, atlantic cod, pacific c
  • MonkfishMonkfish
  • TilapiaTilapia
Baoding Easy Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.BaodingChina (PRC)
Machines to produce filters including: Heavy Duty Air Filters, High Efficiency Filters, PU Air Filters, ECO Filters, Spin-on Oil and Fuel Filters...
Jining Greenfarm Fruits & Vegetables Co. Ltd.JiningChina (PRC)
Breeding, cold-storing, processing and packing for exporting fruits & vegetables.
  • PearPear
  • PotatoPotato
  • GarlicGarlic
  • OnionOnion
Naturfoodvn companyHochiminhVietnam
Producing and exporting Vietnamese natural foods mainly: Vietnamese white rice, coconut, pepper, Coffee, Cashew nuts, Green tea, etc.
  • CoconutCoconut
  • White RiceWhite Rice
  • Robusta CoffeeRobusta Coffee
  • Jasmine RiceJasmine Rice
Seribubio Sdn. Bhd.Kuala LumpurMalaysia
Agricultural products & training farmers to do high-tech farming, including Peat Moss Nursery, Agro Seeds & Chemicals, Fertilizers, Hydroponics, etc.
  • Peat MossPeat Moss
  • Swimming Pool Bio SystemsSwimming Pool Bio Systems
  • Peat-Moss & Seeds StartersPeat-Moss & Seeds Starters
  • Agricultural SeedsAgricultural Seeds
Hana TradingOsakaJapan
Himalayan Salt Products Gourmet & Bath Salts, Salt Plates &Bricks, Salt Lamps, Salt Blocks for horses
  • Himalayan Salt LickHimalayan Salt Lick
Hongchang Fruits & Vegetable Products Co., Ltd. JiningChina (PRC)
Producing & exporting Chinese Garlic, Onions and Ginger
  • Garlic OilGarlic Oil
  • OnionOnion
  • Normal White GarlicNormal White Garlic
  • GingerGinger
VN Coffee FactoryHo Chi MinhVietnam
Producing and exporting Robusta Coffee, Arabica coffee, Roasted and green coffee beans.
  • Robusta CoffeeRobusta Coffee
  • Roasted Coffee BeansRoasted Coffee Beans
  • Arabica Coffee Arabica Coffee
Cosmic EngineeringRajkotIndia
Briquetting Machine / Biomass Plant
  • Briquetting Press Briquetting Press
  • Bio Coal or White CoalBio Coal or White Coal
Esqube ImpexNagercoilIndia
Food Items including, Fresh Coconuts, Poultry, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, and Coir products, Charcoal, Flyash Bricks, etc.
  • Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruits Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruits
  • Coconut FiberCoconut Fiber
  • Coconut FibreCoconut Fibre
AeroGrow International, Inc.BoulderUSA
Gardening, Giftware & Gourmet Products such as Herbs, Spices, Flavorings, Seasonings, Extracts, etc.
  • Herb & Vegetable portable nurseryHerb & Vegetable portable nursery
  •  Herb & Vegetable portable nursery Herb & Vegetable portable nursery
  • Herb & Vegetable portable nurseryHerb & Vegetable portable nursery
  • Herb & Vegetable portable nurseryHerb & Vegetable portable nursery
China Chongqing Emillj4 Tricycle Manufacturer Co.ChongqingChina (PRC)
Tricycle, motorcycle, ATV, spare parts, farm machines and tools , auto parts and etc.
  • Self Propelled CultivatorSelf Propelled Cultivator
  • CultivatorCultivator
American Farm Bureau FederationWashingtonUSA
Analyzing problems & formulating action to educate, improve economic conditions and promote social advancement of farm and ranch families.
Agricultural Education, Tree Farmer, Food & Farm Facts
Dubois AgrinovationSt-RemiCanada
We offer a larger range of irrigation products, plasticulture, crop protection and harvest containers & farm equipment for plasticulture.
  • Mulch EquipMulch Equip
  • Bulk BinBulk Bin
  • Bio TeloBio Telo
  • Solar FilmSolar Film
Jovani FoodsAlexandriaEgypt
Marketing and exporting fresh fruits & vegetables.
  • ApricotsApricots
  • OrangesOranges
  • Mini CucumbersMini Cucumbers
  • GarlicGarlic
ShanDong Shunfengfan Bioengineering Co.,LtdBinZhouChina (PRC)
Pasture pellets, organic fertilizer pellets, biological granulated fuel, and so on.
  • Organic Granul FertilizerOrganic Granul Fertilizer
  • Cottonseed Hull PelletCottonseed Hull Pellet
  • Granuled MSG proteinGranuled MSG protein
  • Wheat Bran PelletWheat Bran Pellet
Techno International, Inc.OsakaJapan
Suppliers of various types of USED & NEW Farm Tractors, Forklifts, Diesel Engines for Agriculture, Industrial & marine, Hydraulic Hammers, etc.
  • Submersible Water PumpSubmersible Water Pump
  • Centrifugal Water PumpCentrifugal Water Pump
  • Used Farm TractorsUsed Farm Tractors
Travln Toys Trailer OutletTracyUSA
Trailers plus, Tractors, Implements, Fencing, Horse Panels, ATVs, Snowmobiles Dunebuggys, Golf Carts, UTVs, Trailer Parts, Horse Trailer Parts, etc
  • H&H CR101x22H&H CR101x22
  •  KIOTI DK55 Cabin KIOTI DK55 Cabin