Industries & Categories

Wanyou Industrial Co., Ltd.ShijiazhuangChina (PRC)
Research chemicals, Farm chemicals & other like Ethyl-4 (Chloroacetoacet and Phenylboronic Acid)
  • Blue APVPBlue APVP
  • Phenylboronic Acid Phenylboronic Acid
  • Mephedrone CrystalsMephedrone Crystals
  • MMB-2201MMB-2201
ChangZhou Mascot Import & Export Co., Ltd.ChangzhouChina (PRC)
Specialty chemicals including Pharmaceuticals, intermediates, OLED materials, Biocides, Fine & industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical Ingredients...
  • OLED Material& IntermediatesOLED Material& Intermediates
  • Chloride chemicalsChloride chemicals
  • PesticidesPesticides
  • Terbinafine intermediatesTerbinafine intermediates
Taizhou Sunny Chemical Co., Ltd.TaizhouChina (PRC)
Methanesulfonic acid, triphenyl phosphite, Methanesulfonyl chloride, Dimethyl disulfideļ¼Œ1,2-Diphenylethane, PHMB, PHMG,
  • Stannous methanesulfonate Stannous methanesulfonate
  • Hydrobromic AcidHydrobromic Acid
  • 1,2-Diphenylethane1,2-Diphenylethane
  • Polycide PHMG 99% Solid ResinPolycide PHMG 99% Solid Resin
Shanghai Twisun Bio-pharm Co.,LtdShanghaiChina (PRC)
Intermediates and APIs.
  • Paliperidone IntermediatePaliperidone Intermediate
  • Nilotinib Intemediate 1Nilotinib Intemediate 1
  • Saxagliptin Intermediate 2Saxagliptin Intermediate 2
  • PrasugrelPrasugrel