Industries & Categories

Behira International Trade PointDamanhour Egypt
Represents all commercial and industrial activities in Behira, Egypt especially agricultural products.
  • Pip nutsPip nuts
  • Peanuts Groundnuts ShelledPeanuts Groundnuts Shelled
  • MangoMango
  • PotatoesPotatoes
Jining Greenfarm Fruits & Vegetables Co. Ltd.JiningChina (PRC)
Breeding, cold-storing, processing and packing for exporting fruits & vegetables.
  • GarlicGarlic
  • AppleApple
  • OnionOnion
  • GingerGinger
Naturfoodvn companyHochiminhVietnam
Producing and exporting Vietnamese natural foods mainly: Vietnamese white rice, coconut, pepper, Coffee, Cashew nuts, Green tea, etc.
  • CoconutCoconut
Hongchang Fruits & Vegetable Products Co., Ltd. JiningChina (PRC)
Producing & exporting Chinese Garlic, Onions and Ginger
  • Pure White GarlicPure White Garlic
  • CarrotsCarrots
  • GingerGinger
  • Normal White GarlicNormal White Garlic
Esqube ImpexNagercoilIndia
Food Items including, Fresh Coconuts, Poultry, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, and Coir products, Charcoal, Flyash Bricks, etc.
  • Coconut FibreCoconut Fibre
  • Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruits Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruits
Jovani FoodsAlexandriaEgypt
Marketing and exporting fresh fruits & vegetables.
  • OrangesOranges
  • GarlicGarlic
  • ApricotsApricots
  • StrawberriesStrawberries