Industries & Categories

Power inverter Inc.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
Power inverter manufactures high quality power inverters.
  • Power Inverter and Battery Life CalculationPower Inverter and Battery Life Calculation
  • 220V Power Inverter220V Power Inverter
Barlin Times Technology Co., Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
Design, sales & manufacturing of slip rings: used in military & communication equipment, medical machines, control systems, security equipment, etc.
  • Capsule Slip RingCapsule Slip Ring
  • Through Bore Slip RingThrough Bore Slip Ring
  • Mercury Slip RingMercury Slip Ring
  • Carbon Brush Slip RingCarbon Brush Slip Ring
CSPOWER Battery Tech Co., Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
SLA Batteries, Solar GEL Batteries, OPzV Battery, Car/Auto Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Telecom Batteries, Lithium batteries Solar inverters, etc.
  • Dry Charged Auto BatteryDry Charged Auto Battery
  • Deep Cycle AGM BatteryDeep Cycle AGM Battery
  • SLA Battery 12VSLA Battery 12V
  • Deep Cycle Solar Battery 2VDeep Cycle Solar Battery 2V
Zhejiang Enhong Electronics CO., LTDTongxiangChina (PRC)
Manufacturing current transformers, common mode inductors, magnetic cores...
  • Common-mode inductorCommon-mode inductor
  • Linear transformer magnetic coreLinear transformer magnetic core
  • High-frequency transformer nanocrystalline coresHigh-frequency transformer nanocrystalline cores
  • DC resistance current transformer coreDC resistance current transformer core
Zhuhai Anho Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.ZhuhaiChina (PRC)
Manufacturing LED PCB, LED COB and various LED Lights.
  • LED Ceramic BoardLED Ceramic Board
  • LED Ceramic BoardLED Ceramic Board
  • LED Mirror Aluminum PCBLED Mirror Aluminum PCB
Shihlin Electric & Engineering CorporationHsinChuTaiwan
Automobile Equipment, Heavy Electric, Breaker & Switchgears, Factory Automation Control products, Industrial Equipment & Digital products
Sunlike Energy Technology Co., Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
SLA Battery, AGM battery, Solar GEL Battery, OPzV Battery, front terminal battery, UPS battery, deep cycle battery, Solar inverters, etc.
  • Front Terminal Telecom BatteryFront Terminal Telecom Battery
  • Solar Pure Sine Wave Inverter 500w~10KWSolar Pure Sine Wave Inverter 500w~10KW
  • AGM BatteryAGM Battery
  • OPzV Tubular Gel BatteryOPzV Tubular Gel Battery
Li Neng Hardware Tools Co.,LtdLlangfangChina (PRC)
Manufacturing and marketing construction tools including: Electric Power Fittings, Security Tools, Electric Power Fittings, Rope, Plastic Pipes, etc.
  • specially produce Glass fiber reinforced plastic cspecially produce Glass fiber reinforced plastic c
  • scraper Glass fiber reinforced plastic cleaning roscraper Glass fiber reinforced plastic cleaning ro
  • JGW Cable ClampJGW Cable Clamp
  • fish tape providerfish tape provider
Tongling Tongfei Technology Co., Ltd.TonglingChina (PRC)
Capacitors, metallized film for capacitors, capacitor accessories, blank inkjet printable PVC cards and compatible PVC trays...
  • Metallized FilmMetallized Film
  • Welding Inverter CapacitorWelding Inverter Capacitor
  • AC motor capacitorAC motor capacitor
  • BOPP FilmBOPP Film
Bazhou Dpair Hardware Tools CO.,LTDLangfangChina (PRC)
Manufacturing duct rodders, cable rollers, cable drum trailers, ratchet pullers, cable drum jacks & wire winch, cable socks, cable connectors & grips.
  • Cable Drum TrailerCable Drum Trailer
  • Conduit Cable RollerConduit Cable Roller
  • Wire Rope WinchWire Rope Winch
  • Cable Drum JacksCable Drum Jacks
Bazhou Deli Power Tools FactoryBazhouChina (PRC)
Fiberglass duct rodders, cable rollers,drum jacks,wire grips,cable drum trailers&pulling equipment
  • Duct RoddersDuct Rodders
  • Cable Drum JacksCable Drum Jacks
  • Powered WinchPowered Winch
  • Cable Drum TrailerCable Drum Trailer
Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,limitedShenzhenChina (PRC)
Surface-Mount Technology Pick & Place equipments & supports major brands of electronic assembly equipment (compatible SMT automotive spare parts)...
  • Siemens 3x8mm gold headSiemens 3x8mm gold head
  • Samsung SM feeder calibrationSamsung SM feeder calibration
  • Fuji CP NozzlesFuji CP Nozzles
  • Yamaha NozzlesYamaha Nozzles
Shenzhen Gpower IndustrialShenzhenChina (PRC)
The production of rechargeable batteries, including Li-ion,LiFePO4, E-cigarette batteries and Portable Power banks.
  • 4200mAh IMR Battery4200mAh IMR Battery
  • 1000mAh Li-MN Battery1000mAh Li-MN Battery
  • 2500mAh Li-MN Battery2500mAh Li-MN Battery
Calls Electronics LimitedGuangzhouChina (PRC)
Electronic Components Distribution
  • channel Touch Sensor ICchannel Touch Sensor IC
  • One-channel Touch SensorOne-channel Touch Sensor
HarshMet CorporationXiamenChina (PRC)
Telecom equipment, weatherproofing kits, gel seal closures, grounding kits, passive equipment...
  • non conductive water blocking tapenon conductive water blocking tape
  • semi conductive water swellable tapesemi conductive water swellable tape
  • water blocking tapewater blocking tape
  • Gel Seal ClosureGel Seal Closure
Wuxi Amthi Electrical Machinery Co., LtdWuxiChina (PRC)
Producing various electric motors for vehicles including electric motorcycles, motor-electric rickshaws, motor-electric bicycle motors, etc.
  • 16 inch scooter motor fengye16 inch scooter motor fengye
  • Big rickshaw motor separated axleBig rickshaw motor separated axle
  • Small rickshaw motor whole axleSmall rickshaw motor whole axle
  • 14 inch scooter motor14 inch scooter motor
An Hui Hero Electronic Sci&Tec Co., Ltd.TonglingChina (PRC)
Metalized film capacitors, DC-LINK & AC filter capacitors, high voltage absorbed capacitors, Pulse & Filter capacitors, low voltage comp capacitors...
  • Three phase AC filter capacitor Three phase AC filter capacitor
  •  Single phase AC filter capacitor  Single phase AC filter capacitor
  •  DC-LINK Capacitor  DC-LINK Capacitor
TAMS Semiconductor Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
LED semiconductors, Resistors, RDRAM, Potentionmeter, Logic Switches, Transistors, Crystals, FLASH Memory, Capacitors, Integrated Circuits, etc.
  • Digital Stereo 10 Band Graphic EqualizerDigital Stereo 10 Band Graphic Equalizer
  • MCU Memory Timing ICMCU Memory Timing IC
  • Logic IC TranslationLogic IC Translation
  • IC IR ReceiverIC IR Receiver
Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd.TonglingChina (PRC)
AC motor capacitors, BOPP (polypropylene) film, MPP (metalized film), inkjet PVC ID cards, polyester heat transfer film, Crystal resonators, PET film
  • Leaded Ceramic ResonatorLeaded Ceramic Resonator
  • Bopp FilmBopp Film
  • CapacitorCapacitor
  • Metalized FilmMetalized Film
Manibhadra Electricals Pvt. Ltd.MumbaiIndia
Distributing electrical Wires, Cables & Switch Gears sourced from reputed manufacturers (Polycab, Brimson, Brimplast , Hager, Tripper, GIC & Yaskawa.
  • PolyCab Coaxial CablesPolyCab Coaxial Cables
  • Brimplast Instrumental CablesBrimplast Instrumental Cables
  • PolYCAB LAN CablesPolYCAB LAN Cables
  • Brimson Electrical Wires and CablesBrimson Electrical Wires and Cables
Shanghai Green Tech Co.,Ltd.ShanghaiChina (PRC)
Tantalum capacitors, super capacitors, mica capacitors, aluminum electrolytric capacitors, ceramic capacitors, etc.
  • Large Capacitance Super Capacitor Large Capacitance Super Capacitor
  • Screw terminal Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Screw terminal Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Dipped Tantalum Capacitor Dipped Tantalum Capacitor
  • Button Super CapacitorButton Super Capacitor
ZK Electronic Technology Co., LtdShenzhenChina (PRC)
Buying & Selling SMT Equipment,SMT automotive spare parts. We also have a repair service.
  • YAMAHA Shaped nozzle YAMAHA Shaped nozzle
  • Tape Feeder Emboss 4P Large ReelTape Feeder Emboss 4P Large Reel
  • DEK icon-i8 Printer machine DEK icon-i8 Printer machine
  • Juki Nozzle 503Juki Nozzle 503
Electric Motors Dept of A&S machinery Co.,Ltd.ChengduChina (PRC)
Electric motors including Baldor, Johnson, GE, Dayton, Maxon, ABB, A.O Smith, Emerson, Leeson, Mabuchi, WEG, Siemens, Century, Fasco, Pittman, etc.
  • Siemens AC MotorSiemens AC Motor
  • Johnson MotorJohnson Motor
  • Baldor Single Phase Explosion-Proof MotorsBaldor Single Phase Explosion-Proof Motors
  • ABB MotorsABB Motors
HK ELeader LimitedKowloonHong Kong
Providing value chain strategies, int'l sourcing, ODM & OEM and Supply Chain Management of the world’s technology and electronic goods companies.
  • Electronic ComponentsElectronic Components
  • Communication & Telecom ComponentsCommunication & Telecom Components
Guangzhou Wision Stage Lighting Co.,LtdGuangzhouChina (PRC)
Stage lighting, LED shirt, LED curtain, LED star curtain, LED vision curtain, LED moving head, moving head lighting, LED par cans, etc.
  • LUV Media ShirtLUV Media Shirt
  • 2x4m LED Video Curtain2x4m LED Video Curtain
Goodluck Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
Surface Mount Technology: feeder parts, nozzle & holder, ball screw, belt, Cable,Sensor, AI parts, Cutter, filter, Feeder Calibration jigs etc.
  • JUKI nozzleJUKI nozzle
  • BoardsBoards
  • DEK PinDEK Pin
  • FF12MM JUKI feederFF12MM JUKI feeder
Chongqing Kailian Yongrun Industrial Co., Ltd.ChongqingChina (PRC)
Producing & exporting oil testing equipment and lubricating grease testing equipment.
  • Transformer Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage TesteTransformer Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Teste
  • Automatic TensiometerAutomatic Tensiometer
  • Kinematic Viscosity TesterKinematic Viscosity Tester
  • Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer DGATransformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer DGA
Beijing Kaier Technology Development Co. LtdBeijingChina (PRC)
Security monitoring, Building Automation, Media advertising, Touch Screen Query Systems, Self service payment terminals, Cell phone Charging...
  • Mobile phone charging stationMobile phone charging station
  • Mobile Phone Charging Machine Mobile Phone Charging Machine
  • cell phone charging kioskcell phone charging kiosk
  • Mobile phone charging stationMobile phone charging station
Shanghai GrandTop Lightning Technology Co., Ltd.ShanghaiChina (PRC)
SPD test equipments, high voltage test equipments, control and measurement systems based on computer and special pulse power source
  •  Tank Type Test Transformer Tank Type Test Transformer
  • Combination wave generator Combination wave generator
  •  D type impulse current test system D type impulse current test system
  •  Thermal Stability Test Equipment Thermal Stability Test Equipment
EEant Technology CO.,LTDShenzhenChina (PRC)
RF Modules, Transmitter Modules, Receiver Modules, etc.
  • RF Modulator ModuleRF Modulator Module
  • Remote Receiver ModuleRemote Receiver Module
  • FM Radio ModuleFM Radio Module
  • RX Receiver ModuleRX Receiver Module
Hebei Chaoyang Wire-laying Equipment FactoryBazhouChina (PRC)
Wire stripper, cable rods, hydraulic puncher, cable drum trailer, cable pulling socks, cable drum stands, cable laying roller, cable wire winch,
  • tracing duct roddertracing duct rodder
  • Cable drum jacksCable drum jacks
  • conduit duct rodsconduit duct rods
  • fiberglass snake rodsfiberglass snake rods
Sanwei (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
  • PET Leader Tape PET Leader Tape
  • Seamless Polyimide TubingSeamless Polyimide Tubing
  • PEI Leader Tape PEI Leader Tape
Shenzhen Full Source Technology Co., Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
Manufacturing Lithium ion batteries and battery packs, with superior R&D and tech support team. We also provide OEM & ODM services.
  • 2800mAh cylindrical battery pack2800mAh cylindrical battery pack
  • high capacity replacement mobile phone batteryhigh capacity replacement mobile phone battery
  • universal power pack for laptop or mobile phoneuniversal power pack for laptop or mobile phone
  • high capacity power bankhigh capacity power bank
Suter Power Machinery Co.,LtdTaizhouChina (PRC)
Diesel Generators with power ranging from 10Kva TO 2500Kva, Cummins diesel generators, Perkins diesel generators,Volvo generators, Silent generators.
  • Volvo Diesel GeneratorVolvo Diesel Generator
  • Cummins Diesel GeneratorCummins Diesel Generator
  • Deutz Diesel GeneratorDeutz Diesel Generator
  • Perkins engine GeneratorPerkins engine Generator
Oak Cream Co., Ltd.ChangshaChina (PRC)
Manufacturing high-end flexible and rigid board including circuit printed boards, double-sided boards,multi-layer boards, layer FPC, and more
  • Double-sided flexible boardDouble-sided flexible board
  • Hi-TG Thick Copper Board Hi-TG Thick Copper Board
  • Flex-rigid boardFlex-rigid board
  • Multilayer boardsMultilayer boards
ARSH ElectricalsBangaloreIndia
manufacturing & exporting Electronic Testing Instruments, Electronic Measuring Instrument including transformer test equipment, oil testing, etc.
  • Digital VoltmeterDigital Voltmeter
  • Transformer Oil BDV TestingTransformer Oil BDV Testing
  • Primary Injection Current Test ingPrimary Injection Current Test ing
  • Relay Test SetRelay Test Set
Shenzhen Brother Young Development Co.,Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
High-tech manufacturing of LAN cables, LAN Ethernet cables, Network Cables and Fiber Optic Cables. CAT5E & CAT6 computer cables, communication cables.
  • 4-pair Cat5e Outdoor FTP Cable4-pair Cat5e Outdoor FTP Cable
  • Unshielding Cat5e Patch CordUnshielding Cat5e Patch Cord
  • 4-pair Cat5e Indoor UTP Cable4-pair Cat5e Indoor UTP Cable
  • RG 62 Coaxial CableRG 62 Coaxial Cable
Newaz Electrics Company LimitedDhakaBangladesh
Manufacturing of 3-phase Distribution Transformer from 100KVA to 1250KVA (11/0.415KV, 50Hz, Dyn11)
  • Distribution TransformerDistribution Transformer
  • HT SwitchgearHT Switchgear
  • LT SwitchgearLT Switchgear
  • 3 Phase Distribution Transformer3 Phase Distribution Transformer
Hubei Yingpai Power Technology Co.,Ltd.XiangyangChina (PRC)
Diesel, Dual Fuel, Gas, and Marine generators, and high voltage generators, waste heat utilization generators, etc.
  • Cummins Gas Generator 400KWCummins Gas Generator 400KW
  • 460KW Cummins diesel generator460KW Cummins diesel generator
  • Cummins Generator for Marine useCummins Generator for Marine use
  • Portable Power Plant Portable Power Plant
Chengdu Jiexun Electronics Co., LtdChengduChina (PRC)
Manufacturing CATV addressable billing systems and different types of Amplifiers, Network equipment, Analog TV scramble systems and more...
  • MPEG2 TS CardMPEG2 TS Card
  • Digital Broadcasting TV systemDigital Broadcasting TV system
  • TranscoderTranscoder
  • Digital Tuner DecoderDigital Tuner Decoder
Ridecon industrial co., LTDShenzhenChina (PRC)
Contract Manufacturing Services (OEM) for Electronics & Plastics...
  • Electronics manufacturingElectronics manufacturing
  • Build and AssemblyBuild and Assembly
Shanghai Mingkai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.ShanghaiChina (PRC)
DC/AC inverter,solar inverter,pure sine wave inverter, off grid inverter. gird inverter
  • DC to AC Pure Sine Wave InverterDC to AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Modified sine wave InverterModified sine wave Inverter
  • DC to AC Pure Sine Wave InverterDC to AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • DC to AC Pure Sine Wave InverterDC to AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Hangzhou Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd. HangzhouChina (PRC)
Integrated solutions related to Non-contact 3D imaging technology...
  • 3D-Laser engraving3D-Laser engraving
  • PhotogrammetryPhotogrammetry
  • 3D Scanner3D Scanner
  • 3D Camera3D Camera
SenRing Electronics.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
Slip Rings, Capsule & Mini Slip Rings, Separate Slip Rings, Through Hole & Pan Cake Slip Ring, High Current & Wind Turbine Slip rings, etc.
  • Customized Slip RingsCustomized Slip Rings
  • Through Hole Slip RingsThrough Hole Slip Rings
  • Mercury Slip RingsMercury Slip Rings
  • Capsule Slip RingsCapsule Slip Rings
Betlux Electronics Co., Ltd.NingboChina (PRC)
LED lamps, LED displays, LED diodes, SMT LED, and LED lighting...
  • Bi-Color SMD LEDBi-Color SMD LED
  • Three Seven Segment LED DisplayThree Seven Segment LED Display
  • LED Dot Matrix, Bi-ColorLED Dot Matrix, Bi-Color
Hong Kong Rding TechShenzhenChina (PRC)
USB thermometer, USB hygrometer, USB thermocouple, USB thermograph and other high-tech temperature testing devices.
  • Network Thermocouple Network Thermocouple
EACO Capacitor Co., Ltd.ShundeChina (PRC)
Power electronics capacitors. We are firmly at the forefront of the metalized film capacitor industry.
  • Film Capacitors for DC-LinkFilm Capacitors for DC-Link
  • High Quality Film CapacitorsHigh Quality Film Capacitors
  • Film CapacitorsFilm Capacitors
  • High Voltage Film CapacitorsHigh Voltage Film Capacitors
Shanghai Pudong Wire & Cable GroupShanghaiChina (PRC)
power cables (less than 110KV), control cables, branch cables, flame retardant & fire resistance flexible cables, wire cables, insulated aerial cables
  • PVC lnsulated Sheath CablPVC lnsulated Sheath Cabl
  • PVC Insulated Sheath CablPVC Insulated Sheath Cabl
  • Low-smoke No-halogenLow-smoke No-halogen
  • Insulated Electric CablesInsulated Electric Cables
Jinsaixun (Tianjin) Electronics Technology Co.,LtdTianjinChina (PRC)
Designing & manufacturing TV signal level meter and digital satellite finders. We provide a broad rage of related products for broadcast and TV
  •  Non-standby Power Supply Non-standby Power Supply
  • Digital Satellite FinderDigital Satellite Finder
  • Handheld Optical Power Meter Handheld Optical Power Meter
  • Digital Signal Level Meter Digital Signal Level Meter
Talent Technology LimitedShenZhenChina (PRC)
LED lighting
  • LED ModulesLED Modules
  • LED Sign BoardsLED Sign Boards
  • Full Color LED DisplayFull Color LED Display
  • LED ModulesLED Modules
MAXAT Streaming Tech Co., Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
  • Set Top BoxSet Top Box
  • Set Top BoxSet Top Box
  • Set Top BoxSet Top Box
  • Set Top BoxSet Top Box
Acopian Technical CompanyEastonUSA
Power Supplies & Systems, Redundant Power Packages, Rack Mounting, Customized Solutions, Programmable, High Voltage, etc.
  • AC-DC wide adjust outputAC-DC wide adjust output
  • Modular Redundant SystemsModular Redundant Systems
  • High Voltage DC-DCHigh Voltage DC-DC
  • Linear Regulated Power SuppliesLinear Regulated Power Supplies
China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,LTDJinanChina (PRC)
Conductive fabrics, sponges, adhesive tapes, EMI shielding gaskets, nickel mesh, non-woven fabric, silicon elastomer, EMC/EMI power line filters...
  • EMI/EMC power line filtersEMI/EMC power line filters
  • EMI Shielding GasketsEMI Shielding Gaskets
  • Aluminium adhesive tapeAluminium adhesive tape
  • Cu-Ni conductive adhesive tapeCu-Ni conductive adhesive tape
Digi-Key CorporationThief River FallsUSA
Distribution of hundreds of thousands Electronic components and related accessories with the absolute best customer service possible...
  • Series EncodersSeries Encoders
  • 425 SMT Quartz Crystals425 SMT Quartz Crystals
  • EZ-Board for ProcessorsEZ-Board for Processors
  • 16V Resettable PTC16V Resettable PTC
Moxin Carbon Brush FactoryWenzhouChina (PRC)
Carbon brushes & brush holders for motors including automobiles, motorcycles, household electrical appliances, power tools, and industrial motors...
  • carbon brushcarbon brush
  • carbon brush, brushes, carbon brushescarbon brush, brushes, carbon brushes
Myron L CompanyCarlsbadUSA
Myron L Company is a leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate conductivity and pH instrumentation.
  • Portable AGRI-METERSPortable AGRI-METERS
  • ORP MonitoringORP Monitoring
  • Conductivity, TDS, pH, Temperature MeasureConductivity, TDS, pH, Temperature Measure
  • Rinse Tank Control SystemRinse Tank Control System
National Controlling Equipment IndustriesAmbalaIndia
Power supplies and battery chargers for Radio Communications and AC-DC Adapters for Phones, Printers, Laptop Computers, Transformers, LED drivers, etc
  • Linear AdaptersLinear Adapters
  • Three Phase TransformersThree Phase Transformers
  • Telecom Power SuppliesTelecom Power Supplies
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies Switch Mode Power Supplies
P & B Electronics Co.,Ltd.HuizhouChina (PRC)
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Push switches, Tact switches for AC umbrella flash lamps and studio flash apparatus
  • 5mm Capacitators5mm Capacitators
  • Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsAluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Micro Switch Micro Switch
  • Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsAluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Shenzhen Eastar Battery Co. Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
Batteries, carbon, alkaline battery, NI-MH rechargeable battery, NI-CD rechargeable battery, Li-Polymer battery, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • Auto BatteriesAuto Batteries
  • Li-Polymer BatteriesLi-Polymer Batteries
  • Button Cell BatteriesButton Cell Batteries
  • Li-ion BatteriesLi-ion Batteries
Standard Printed Circuit Board Ltd.Hong KongHong Kong
Multi-layer & aluminum PCBs that meet UL, IPC & RoHS Intl Standards with good quality & reasonable pricing.
  • EntekEntek
  • Flash Gold BoardFlash Gold Board
  • Thick Gold BoardThick Gold Board
  • Multi-Layer PCBMulti-Layer PCB
StarTrend Forever Enterprise Co.,LtdShanghaiChina (PRC)
Smart cards, plastic cards, RFID tags, Printed PVC Cards, ID Cards, Medical Cards, etc.
  • Contact Smart CardContact Smart Card
  • Wristband RFIDWristband RFID
  • Contactless CardsContactless Cards
  • Wristband RFIDWristband RFID
Tai'an Puhui Technology CO.,LDTaianChina (PRC)
BGA IRDA Welders, IRDA Welders, INFRARED IC Heaters, etc.
  • BGA IRDA WelderBGA IRDA Welder
  • IRDA WelderIRDA Welder
  • Infrared IC HeaterInfrared IC Heater
Vecima Networks Inc.VictoriaCanada
Designing, manufacturing and selling products that enable broadband access to cable, wireless and telephony networks.
  • WiMAX Broadband WirelessWiMAX Broadband Wireless
  • Embedded Radio ModulesEmbedded Radio Modules
  • CableVista Edge Decoder CableVista Edge Decoder
  • SATCOM Radio ModuleSATCOM Radio Module