Industries & Categories

Chongqing Acme Tech.Co.,Ltd.ChongqingChina (PRC)
non-ionic surfactants, additives and special chemicals,defoamer, wetting agents,dispersion, TMDD
Jinan Dowin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.JinanChina (PRC)
Research, Production and marketing of new materials & fine chemicals including polyglycerol, polyglycerin ester, oil crystallization inhibitors, etc.
  • Polyglyceryl-2 MonostearatePolyglyceryl-2 Monostearate
  • Polyglyceryl-10 MonooleatePolyglyceryl-10 Monooleate
  • Glyceryl stearateGlyceryl stearate
  • Glyceryl MonooleateGlyceryl Monooleate
Shenzhen SiMeiQuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.ShenzhenChina (PRC)
Manufacturing flavoring, food additive, pharmaceutical intermediates and steroid raw powders.
  • Femara - LetrozoleFemara - Letrozole
  • Anavar OxandroloneAnavar Oxandrolone
  • Methenolone AcetateMethenolone Acetate
  • WinstrolWinstrol
Fuzhou Obooc Technology Co., Ltd.FuzhouChina (PRC)
Pigment Ink, Sublimation Ink, Eco Solvent Ink, Solvent Ink, Dye Ink, Pen Ink, Indelible ink, Nozzle Cleaner, Desktop Refillable Ink Cartridge, etc.
  • Sublimation InkSublimation Ink
  • CISS For EpsonCISS For Epson
Hongya Yaxing Biotechnology Co. Ltd.HongyaChina (PRC)
L-theanine, L-pyroglutamic acid and Amino Acid compound salt & derivatives. Annual output > 200 tons. per year.
  • L-Pyroglutamic AcidL-Pyroglutamic Acid
  • DL-Glutamic acidDL-Glutamic acid
  • L-Glutamic acid hydrochlorideL-Glutamic acid hydrochloride
  • Amino Acid CompoundAmino Acid Compound
Zaozhuang Xinyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. ZaozhuangChina (PRC)
The production of various Pigment carbon black and Carbon Black (N330, N220, N550, N660, N219, N220, N234, N326, N339, N375, N351, N774).
  • pigment carbon blackpigment carbon black
  • pigment carbon blackpigment carbon black
  • carbon blackcarbon black
  • pigment carbon blackpigment carbon black
Huizhou Energy Spread Chemical Co.,Ltd HuizhouChina (PRC)
Hot melt glue, Water based adhesive, EVA hot met adhesive, Hot melt adhesive for carton sealing, Hot melt adhesive for labeling.
  • Synthetic Polymer Hot Melt AdhesiveSynthetic Polymer Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive AdhesiveHot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Synthetic Polymer Hot Melt AdhesiveSynthetic Polymer Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Synthetic Polymer Hot Melt AdhesiveSynthetic Polymer Hot Melt Adhesive
Golden Grain Group LimitedQingdaoChina (PRC)
starch, dextrose, sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol
  • Glucose SyrupGlucose Syrup
  • ​Vital Wheat Gluten​Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Sorbitol PowderSorbitol Powder
  • Corn StarchCorn Starch
Central China Special Gas Co.,LtdHengyangChina (PRC)
Industrial gases & specialty gases including SF6, HF, CHF3, CF4, C3F8, Helium, CO, C2H4, SO2, NH3, SF6, H2, & Gas Equipment (Cylinder, valves, etc).
  • Nitrous oxide gas Nitrous oxide gas
  • HeliumHelium
  • Methane gas CH4Methane gas CH4
  • Ethylene gas C2H4Ethylene gas C2H4
Shanghai Yurlic Chemical S&T Co.,Ltd. ShanghaiChina (PRC)
Syntheses of chiral compounds, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Special Amino Acids, and more...
  • Diphenylmethylene-Glycine Ethyl esterDiphenylmethylene-Glycine Ethyl ester
  • DL-3-Amino-3-phenylpropionic acidDL-3-Amino-3-phenylpropionic acid
  • Iodobenzene diacetateIodobenzene diacetate
  • Boc-S-3-amino-3-phenylpropan-1-olBoc-S-3-amino-3-phenylpropan-1-ol
Shandong Kaitai Industrial Technologies Co., LtdZoupingChina (PRC)
Manufacturing Metal Abrasives and Round blasting, Sandblasting process solutions provider.
  • Rustproofing ChemicalsRustproofing Chemicals
UnipromaSuzhouChina (PRC)
High quality UV filters, stable VC skin whiteners, antioxidants, emulsifiers and surfactants.
  • Tert - Butyl Toluene Tert - Butyl Toluene
Servetal Industrial Ltd.QingdaoChina (PRC)
Organic Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Pigments & Dyestuffs, and more.
  • PentaerythritolPentaerythritol
  • Calcium CarbideCalcium Carbide
  • Iron OxideIron Oxide
  • Carbon BlackCarbon Black
Shandong Bestar Chemical Co. Ltd.ZaozhuangChina (PRC)
China carbon black supplier
  • Tire Rubber Carbon Black N110Tire Rubber Carbon Black N110
  • Pigment Carbon BlackPigment Carbon Black
  • Intermediate Super Abrasion Furnace Black; ISAFIntermediate Super Abrasion Furnace Black; ISAF
  • Conductive Carbon BlackConductive Carbon Black
Tripple J. Divine Trust Ltd.AbujaNigeria
Water Treatment & Purification, Real Estate Development, and trading in imported Kiddie & Baby wear
  • Water PurificationWater Purification
Inno Biochem Co.,Ltd. ZhejiangChina (PRC)
Biochemistry;Food additives;Amino Acids;Nutritionals;Vitamins;Plant Extracts;Sweeteners
  • SeetenersSeeteners
  • VitaminsVitamins
  • Amino Acids Amino Acids
  • NutritionalsNutritionals
Sincere Union Imp & Exp Co. Ltd.BaodingChina (PRC)
Zinc oxide&zinc salts,nickel salts,cobalt salts,copper salts,lithium salts
  • Nickelic OxideNickelic Oxide
  • Cobalt Sulphate HeptahydrateCobalt Sulphate Heptahydrate
  • Zinc Oxide Cosmetic Grade For Sunscreen CreamZinc Oxide Cosmetic Grade For Sunscreen Cream
  • Zinc Acetate Dihydrate Pharmaceutical GradeZinc Acetate Dihydrate Pharmaceutical Grade
Ningbo Inno Pharmchem Co.,LtdNingbo China (PRC)
R&D and industrialized production of advance pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty chemicals.
  • DifluoroanisoleDifluoroanisole
  • 2-Amino-5-methylbenzonitrile2-Amino-5-methylbenzonitrile
  • Aminoisophthalic acidAminoisophthalic acid
  • 2-Piperidone2-Piperidone
Thai Foods Product International Co.,LtdBangkokThailand
food manufacturer & processor. We also distribute chemicals for food additives such as antioxidants, sweeteners, coloring and flavoring agents, etc.
  •  Tenfony Modified Starch Tenfony Modified Starch
  • Tapioca StarchTapioca Starch
  • Sutirose fish sauceSutirose fish sauce
  • Tenfony peanutsTenfony peanuts
Samin Chemical CoTehranIran
Semi-refined paraffin wax, Residue wax, Rubber Process Oil, etc.
  • Semi-refined paraffin waxSemi-refined paraffin wax
  • Rubber Process OilRubber Process Oil
  • Residue wax Residue wax
Zaozhuang Fuxing Water Treatment Technology Co., LZaozhuangChina (PRC)
Water treatment chemicals, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, HEDP, ATMP, PBTCA, HPAA, PAPEMP, PAA, PAAS, PPMA, phosphonates, polymers, biocides
  • Organophosphoric SaltsOrganophosphoric Salts
  • Polyacrylic AcidPolyacrylic Acid
  • IsothiazolinonesIsothiazolinones
  • Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic AcidAmino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid
Shanghai Jingxin Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd ShanghaiChina (PRC)
Biochemical products, electronic materials including L-carnosine, vitamin E, solutol hs15, alanyl-glutamine, glycyl-L-tyrosine, and more...
  • L-CarnosineL-Carnosine
Mutual Chemical Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd.ZhengzhouChina (PRC)
Import & Export in food additives, food ingredients, detergent chemicals, water treatment chemicals and auxiliaries chemicals.
  • Sodium PercarbonateSodium Percarbonate
  • Cationic Polyacrylamide Cationic Polyacrylamide
  • Carboxyl Methyl CelluloseCarboxyl Methyl Cellulose
  • Cocamidopropyl BetaineCocamidopropyl Betaine
Hangzhou Deshipu Chemicals Co.,Ltd HangzhouChina (PRC)
Chemical raw materials including Titanium Dioxide, Caustic soda, SLES and so on...
  • Stearic AcidStearic Acid
  • Sodium NitriteSodium Nitrite
  • Titanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide
  • PVC ResinPVC Resin
ABLE Aerospace AdhesivesValenciaUSA
Aerospace adhesives and chemicals
  • One Part AdhesiveOne Part Adhesive
  • Aviation EpoxiesAviation Epoxies
  • AdhesiveAdhesive
  • AcetoxyAcetoxy
Wuhan Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd.WuhanChina (PRC)
Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamicalcohol, Bromocinnamaldehyde, Amylcinnamaldehyde, L-Carnitine, Vitamin B1, Cinnamyl Acetate, Coumarin, Flavoring & Essence...
  • TocoretinateTocoretinate
  • Beta CaroteneBeta Carotene
  • Dodecanedioic acidDodecanedioic acid
  • bromobutyryl chloridebromobutyryl chloride
L&B Group Co., Ltd.HongKong Hong Kong
photo-luminescent pigment, glow painting, safety signs, vinyl film, glow in the dark ink jet photo paper, etc.
  • Luminescent cobbleLuminescent cobble
  • Photoluminescent glow in the dark powderPhotoluminescent glow in the dark powder
  • Photoluminescent Vinyl PET filmPhotoluminescent Vinyl PET film
  • Glow in the dark skidproof stairGlow in the dark skidproof stair
Henan Danqing Chemical Co.,LtdZhengzhouChina (PRC)
Maleic Anhydride and Fumaric Acid, Polyester fabric, etc.
  • 108-31-6108-31-6
  • Zigzags Filter FabricZigzags Filter Fabric
  • Fumaric AcidFumaric Acid
  • Polyester Dryer FabricPolyester Dryer Fabric
Huzhou Longtong Chemical & Light Co., Ltd.HuzhouChina (PRC)
Production & distribution of adhesives, aerosols and car care products
  • Contact GlueContact Glue
  • Gasket ShellacGasket Shellac
  • PVA Wood GluePVA Wood Glue
  • PVC GluePVC Glue
Xi'an Choice Chemical Co., LtdXi'anChina (PRC)
Producing & Trading chemicals including: Titanium Dioxide, Lithopone, Caustic Soda Flakes, Zinc Oxide, MEG, Caustic Soda, Ethyl Acetate, Carbon Black
  • Chrome Oxide Green Chrome Oxide Green
  • Boric AcidBoric Acid
  • Zinc OxideZinc Oxide
  • Titanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide
Tycoon (China) Company LimitedHong KongHong Kong
Food Ingediants including Acesulfame, Sodium Benzoate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Erythorbate, Aspartame, Metabisulphite, Citric Acid, Sodium Saccharin...
  • flavoringflavoring
  • SweetenerSweetener
  • Vitamin CVitamin C
  • Sodium ErythorbateSodium Erythorbate
Naturshine Herbs ShanghaiChina (PRC)
China's Leading Supplier of Tonic herbs Extracts
  • APIs & IntermediatesAPIs & Intermediates
Shaanxi Pengzhan Technology Co., Ltd.Xi'anChina (PRC)
Laboratory instruments, Chemical Machinery, glass reactor, Refrigeration & Freezers, Pumps Vacuum Equipment, Food, Beverage & Cereal Machines, etc.
KLH Chemical Sdn BhdKuala LumpurMalaysia
Chemicals including Basic Industrial Chemicals Specialty Chemicals and Agricultural Chemicals...
  • Acetic Acid GlacialAcetic Acid Glacial
  • Barium CarbonateBarium Carbonate
  • Nitric AcidNitric Acid
  • Sulphuric AcidSulphuric Acid
Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical CompanyHangzhouChina (PRC)
Hangzhou Xcolor is a professional pigments and dyes manufacturer in China since 1998.
  • Inorganic PigmentInorganic Pigment
  • Organic PigmentOrganic Pigment
  • Solvent DyesSolvent Dyes
  • Basic DyesBasic Dyes
BW ChemicalsLahorePakistan
Catering Wax emulsions to different industries like textiles, leather, paper and construction.
  • Curing agent for concreteCuring agent for concrete
  • Wax emulsion for LeatherWax emulsion for Leather
  • Wax emulsion for TextilesWax emulsion for Textiles
  • Paper & Board IndustryPaper & Board Industry
Shijiazhuang Yinuoda Chemical Co,. Ltd.ShijiazhuangChina (PRC)
manufacturing chemical materials. Our main products are zinc oxide, accelerators, antioxidants and so on...
  • Oxalic acidOxalic acid
  • Active zinc oxideActive zinc oxide
  • Accelerator CZAccelerator CZ
  • HexametaphosphateHexametaphosphate
CV. Starindo GemilangMojokertoIndonesia
Exporting Outerwear, Cajuput oil, Kraft paper, Canned pineapple, Natural rubber, Cashew nuts, Coffee, Canned tuna, Polypropylene, Towels, etc.
  • GlycerineGlycerine
Fairsky Industrial Co., Ltd.Baoding China (PRC)
Producing and exporting fine inorganic chemicals, such as Cobalt Salts, Nickel Salts and Fluoride Salts etc to the international markets.
  • Cobalt SulfateCobalt Sulfate
  • Nickel Acetate industial GradeNickel Acetate industial Grade
  • Cobalt SulfateCobalt Sulfate
  • Nickel SulfateNickel Sulfate
Amul Paints IndiaDelhiIndia
Automotive Finishes,Glow-in-the-Dark Coating, Florescent Finishes, General Purpose Synthetic Enamels, Quick Set Primer, Black Board Paint, Glass Putty
  • Road Sign Marking PaintRoad Sign Marking Paint
  • Synthetic EnamelsSynthetic Enamels
  • Flamboyant FinishesFlamboyant Finishes
  • Pearl Glow FinishesPearl Glow Finishes
Chengdu SanlianChengduChina (PRC)
processing refined waterless sodium sulfate with calicum mirabilite ore which is well concentrated and the content of Na2Son4 averages out to 42.08
  • Sodium SulfateSodium Sulfate
  • Sodium SulfateSodium Sulfate
  • Sodium Sulfate Sodium Sulfate
  • Sodium SulfateSodium Sulfate
China Bluestar Chengrand Chemical Co.,LtdChengduChina (PRC)
Research, design, production and sale of polymer chemical materials, red phosphorus based flame retardant masterbatch Silicone additive Silicone rubbe
  • Polyamide Flame RetardantPolyamide Flame Retardant
  • Polyamide plasticsPolyamide plastics
  • Flame Retardant AdditiveFlame Retardant Additive
  • Polyamide Flame RetardantPolyamide Flame Retardant
Jiery Surface Technology Co. Ltd.ShenZhenChina (PRC)
Developing surface filming products: EMI panels PDP TV, AR coating LCD screens, low-E glasses, front surface mirrors: projection TVs, scanners, etc.
  • Blue Rear Mirrors for AutomobileBlue Rear Mirrors for Automobile
Longschem Co. Ltd.ShanghaiChina (PRC)
Developing, manufacturing and selling APIs; pharmaceutical intermediates pesticides & dyes; Chiral compounds; hormones & fine chemicals.
  • FamotidineFamotidine
Nanjing Xinxu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd..NanjingChina (PRC)
Import & Export of fine chemicals & raw materials. We export Oleamide, Erucamide, Stearamide, EBS, EBO, etc.
  • oleamide,crodamide,oleamide,crodamide,
  • Ethylene Bis StearamideEthylene Bis Stearamide
  • stearamidestearamide
  • erucamideerucamide
Ningbo Guoguang CAMT Co., Ltd.NingboChina (PRC)
Food additives, nutrition enhancers and medical intermediates. We have a very experienced R&D department in amino acid products
Ruiyuan Group LimitedShanghaiChina (PRC)
Niche Chemicals, including norbornene, phosphines, fluorene derivative, metal catalysts organic synthesis, drug & chemical product research for multi
  •  Palladium-Carbon(Pd/C) Palladium-Carbon(Pd/C)
  • Platinum-OxidePlatinum-Oxide
  • Palladium-BariumPalladium-Barium
  • Hexacholoro-PtHexacholoro-Pt
Shandong Heli Water Treatment Co., LtdZaozhuangChina (PRC)
Chemicals for Water Treatment, Corrosion Inhibitor like ATMP, HPAA. Organophosphine anti scale & Polycarboxylic Antiscale & dspersant like AA,PAA
  • Organophosphine Antiscale & Corrosion InhibitorOrganophosphine Antiscale & Corrosion Inhibitor
  •  Bactericide & Algicide Bactericide & Algicide
  • Copper Corrosion InhibitorCopper Corrosion Inhibitor
  •  Polycarboxylic Antiscale & Dispersant Polycarboxylic Antiscale & Dispersant