Industries & Categories

Pacific Production CompanyHochiminhVietnam
Producer & exporter of dried natural products, including: Rice, pepper, Coffee, Cashew nuts, Coconut, Tapioca, Beans, corn, and more...
  • Round White RiceRound White Rice
  • Yellow cornYellow corn
  • CashewnutCashewnut
  • Robusta CoffeeRobusta Coffee
VnricefactoryHochiminh Vietnam
Producing and direct exporting of Vietnamese White Rice, Jasmine Rice and Glutinous Rice.
  • Glutinous RiceGlutinous Rice
  • Jasmine RiceJasmine Rice
  • White RiceWhite Rice
Naturfoodvn companyHochiminhVietnam
Producing and exporting Vietnamese natural foods mainly: Vietnamese white rice, coconut, pepper, Coffee, Cashew nuts, Green tea, etc.
  • CoconutCoconut
  • Jasmine RiceJasmine Rice
  • White RiceWhite Rice
  • Arabica CoffeeArabica Coffee